Kantech & Exacq |Protecting Your Schools

Kantech & exacq | Protecting Your Schools

Written by: Johnson Controls

Every school district strives to ensure a secure environment for students, staff and visitors. A proactive, ease to use, fully integrated security solution is the best way to provide a safe place to learn. Watching and knowing who is entering and exiting is crucial for the proper security of any school. By having access control and video surveillance systems installed, schools will be instantly notified when unauthorized movement is detected.

They will be able to instantly see through the camera what is going on. With our technology school administrators and security managers can access their security system through their PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any other internet connected device. Best of all, every teacher, security guard, and any other authorized staff can have access as well. In case of an emergency, everyone will know exactly what is going on.

Why Video Surveillance?
• Helps to prevent bullying
• Prevent vandalism
• Eliminate unauthorized intruders
• Deter crime & reduce break-ins
• Keep an eye on remote entrances/exits & off limit areas
Why Access Control?
• Control access to key entry points during school hours
• Access control systems allow schools to monitor
their entire building from a central location
• Lock a door or lock down an entire school
• No physical keys – just access cards
• On-demand reports allow schools to know the “who,
what, when” of their system

Protect schools by integrating a complete security solution with video
surveillance from exacqVision and access control from Kantech

Now is the time to help make schools safer with the latest video surveillance and access control solutions from exacq and Kantech

Between May 24, 2018 and September 28, 2018 when you register and close an opportunity for an educational institution for exacqVision Network Video Record and Video Management System Software and/or Kantech Access Control you will be eligible for the following offers (some conditions apply):

exacqVision Network Video Record and Video Management System Software

• Unlimited camera SSA when purchasing an exacqVision A-Series or Z-Series server hardware
• 5% additional on Illustra Cameras and 50% off on camera licenses with purchase
• No charge ESM ($5k MSRP value), one per school district.

Contact your local exacq or Kantech representative for more details and to register your educational opportunities!

Offer valid May 24, 2018 through September 28, 2018. Valid in US and Canada. Extended Software Subscription Agreement (SSA) applies to new exacqVision NVRs purchased between May 24 and September 28, 2018. Offer does not apply to previously purchased NVRs.
Although our goal is to ensure that new versions of the exacqVision software remains backwards compatible, as the NVR hardware ages, we cannot guarantee that it will be able to operate all subsequent versions of the exacqVision software due to product obsolesce issues, such as hardware  limitations and the end of life of operating systems and other third-party software. Offer may not be combined with any other promotion, discount or rebate.
To qualify for this offer, you must register your project/deal with your Kantech or Exacq Regional Sales Rep and reference your registration code when placing your order. Project/Deals not registered prior to placing an order will not be honored. Exacq and Kantech reserve the right to change, modify  or cancel any aspect of this offer at any time.